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At Delta Genomics we are committed to improving the profitability of the livestock industry using innovative, smart technologies.

Genomic profiling of livestock is quickly becoming the edge necessary to ensure a competitive industry. As more targeted testing becomes available for livestock selection we are working to ensure these technologies are available for all producers to use in their decision making. We work with partner organizations to provide our clients with the best services available. We have sold our genetic testing business to Neogen Canada as of January 1st, 2019, which will allow us to focus on the use, understanding, and application of genomic information.


Our organization was formed in 2011.

Delta Genomics is a national, not-for-profit organization specializing in livestock genomics and innovation in Canada. We are a team of specialists in genomics, biotechnology, research, agriculture, and knowledge transfer. The joint passion of our team is to provide solutions for the livestock industry and help make it profitable and efficient. We are confident that our technology and expertise will enable your organization to make informed on-farm and research decisions. We invite you to join in our quest in 'making a difference in the livestock industry'.


What we have achieved so far.

Since our launch in 2011, we have created an advanced operation that provides industry and researchers with specialized resources for the advancement of genomic technology adoption. We have helped enable the transition to a lower cost SNP parentage technology in the purebred Canadian beef industry. We have supported over 20 major genomics research projects representing 8 different livestock species. Along with Livestock Gentec, we have helped establish an innovation network that is enabling the adoption of genomic technologies across the Canadian livestock industry.

On January 1st, 2019 we sold our genetic testing business to Neogen Canada. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in livestock genomics in Canada. As genetic testing becomes more mainstream, it also becomes more of a commodity. Obtaining genetic testing is no longer difficult, and with the sale of the business to Neogen Canada, Canadian producers are now able to leverage the economies of scale and buying power already established at Neogen. The challenge we now face as the livestock industry is to make sense of all this genetic information and to make sure that we are capturing all the value this vast amount of information can provide. To maximize the value to Canadian livestock producers, Delta Genomics will re-focus its operations on the use, application, and integration of genetic information on a practical level.


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