EnVigour HX


EnVigour HX™

The first made in Canada genomic tool for crossbred beef cattle! EnVigour HX™ combines parentage verification, genomic breed composition, and a simple Vigour Score (assessment of hybrid vigour) to assist in replacement selection.


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Download the EnVigour HX™ Sample Submission Template in Excel here.
Email completed template to samples@deltagenomics.com


Sometimes, it's the simple solutions that provide the most value. 
Read about EnVigour HX™ and the benefits of hybrid vigour from January's newsletter here.


Before you Invest in EnVigour HX™

EnVigour HX™ is a genomic tool that will facilitate the development of an optimal crossbreeding strategy on your operation as long as the goals for your herd are defined. Examples of hybrid vigour goals include:

- Optimize the Vigour Score to improve performance of lowly heritable and reproductive traits such as pregnancy and weaning rates.
- Maintain the balance of breeds you want in your herd.


Download the presentation from the EnVigour HX™ Information Sessions that were held around Alberta in November 2017 here.


Wondering how to manage hybrid vigour in your herd? Want to understand the return on investment when using EnVigour HX™ guided selection? Download our Vigour Score template here.






EnVigour HX™

The first genomics tool for crossbred beef cattle in Canada! EnVigour HX™ combines parentage verification, genomic breed composition, and a Vigour Score (assessment of hybrid vigour) to develop an optimized crossbreeding strategy that aligns with your goals for your herd.

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